Tarot: The Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands is the fourth and final suit within the minor arcana.

This suit relates to the element of fire – either in a constructive way or a destructive way. Fire is constructive as it leads to creation through building tools or cooking food; fire is destructive as it has the ability to destroy anything it touches. Fire is seen as unpredictable and filled with energy; it is seen as passionate.

Fire is considered a masculine element and is used to symbolize masculine energy, its willpower, and its drive. Due to the fire being a symbol of passion, it is also used to depict sexuality and enthusiasm.

The cards within this suit deal with the consciousness that stems from the spiritual aspect of our personality; they focus on the things that are important to us and depict our personalities, ego, personal energy, and the self-conception we have of ourselves. The more negative side of the suit deals with feelings of meaninglessness, lack of direction, and behavior influenced by our egos.

The Suit of Wands is associated with the fire signs – Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. Most people who get a card from this suit during a reading are fire signs. These individuals are seen as spiritual, energetic, and charismatic.

Hence, the Suit of Wands deals with spirituality, strength, ambition, and creativity – and the source of all these forces.

This suit includes 14 cards; the first 10 are numbered, while the remaining four are named the Page, Knight, Queen, and King of wands, respectively.

Ace of Wands

  • Upright – One who is inspired and faces opportunities to grow their potential
  • Reversed – One who has an emerging idea but may face distractions and delays due to a lack of direction

Two of Wands

  • Upright – One who plans for the future in advance; they are able to make decisions and achieve progress
  • Reversed – One who fears the unknown and lacks the capacity to plan; one who has personal goals and inner alignment

Three of Wands

  • Upright – One who has an opportunity overseas to achieve progress and expand on their personality; one who has foresight
  • Reversed – One who lacks foresight plays small (don’t put much of themselves out there/make a minimal effort) and experience unexpected delays.

Four of Wands

  • Upright – One who comes home (metaphorically) they are met with celebration, harmony, joy, and relaxation
  • Reversed – One who goes through change (that may or may not lead to a conflict with others), they celebrate their personal victories and achieve inner harmony.

Five of Wands

  • Upright – One who faces diversity and conflict, they may experience tension and disagreements with others
  • Reversed – One who faces an inner conflict but avoids said conflict, they may benefit from releasing their tension

Six of Wands

  • Upright – One who is self-confident is successful and, hence, receives recognition from the public.
  • Reversed – One who has their own personal definition of success, they celebrate their private achievements; a fall from grace.

Seven of Wands

  • Upright – One who faces a challenge and competition but move through with protection and perseverance
  • Reversed – One who is overwhelmed and exhausted, they often give up

Eight of Wands

  • Upright – One who is fast-paced, they go through change and action quite quickly; air travel
  • Reversed – One who resists change resulting in delays and frustration; internal alignment

Nine of Wands

  • Upright – One whose faith and boundaries are tested, they move through with courage, resilience, and persistence.
  • Reversed – One who is paranoid, they become overwhelmed and struggle, making them defensive; they may use their inner resources to solve their problems.

Ten of Wands

  • Upright – One who works hard, taking up extra burden and responsibility; they achieve completion in their work
  • Reversed – One who refuses to delegate work, they carry all the burden; they may release their stress by delegating

Page of Wands

  • Upright – One who has a free spirit, they have limitless potential and are often prone to discovery, inspiration, and ideas
  • Reversed – One who follows a spiritual path, they have newly formed ideas and redirect their energy towards them.

Knight of Wands

  • Upright – One who is impulsive; they are energetic and act with passion.
  • Reversed – One who works on their passion project; they may work hastily with scattered energy and experience delays and frustration.

Queen of Wands

  • Upright – One who is confident and independent, they act with courage and determination; a social butterfly
  • Reversed – One who chooses to reestablish their sense of self, self-confidence, and self-respect; an introvert.

King of Wands

  • Upright – One who is a natural-born leader and entrepreneur, they exude honor
  • Reversed – One who has high expectations, they work impulsively and with haste

(All meanings are based on the Rider-Waite tarot card deck)

If tarot card reading mainly consists of cards from the Suit of Wands, it suggests that you struggle with issues that are rooted in the depth of your personality. You might be looking for a greater purpose in your life and might want to understand what truly motivates you.

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